Coroner Case Management

Coroner Case Management
Organize, document, and manage your cases using this mobile, web based coroner software.

Coroner Software Features

We've created a robust, web based coroner case management system using current and emerging technology. It's simple to use. It's mobile. It's affordable. It's what coroner software should be...

Web Based

There is nothing to install. You access the coroner software from the web.

Mobile Coroner Software

Use it from your PC, your phone, tablet, iPad. Work your case from the scene.

Simple To Use

Become an expert in minutes. If you can fill in an online form, you're a pro.

Why Our Web Based Coroner Case Management is Best
Coroner Software by Real Programmers

There are coroner software companies that are made up of only sales and marketing personnel. They contracted programmers for as long as it took to create their product. Not us.

We're Different...
We are ragefish. Ragefish is made up of programmers. No sales. No marketing. All we do is develop and support our software. Why? Because that's what we love to do.

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