Coroner Case Management

Coroner Case Management
Organize, document, and manage your cases using this mobile, web based coroner software.

Coroner Case Management

Coroner Case Manager is the name of our subscriber based coroner case management system. We have incorporated all the best components and features available into a standardized platform that can be delivered for a fraction of the cost of a solution that requires downloading and installation. This means Coroner Case Manager reduces budget expenditures associated with hardware and "per-user" costs of a traditional Coroner or Medical Examiner case management system. This solution is ideally suited for agencies that require a web-based case management solution that is cost-effective and eliminates the need for IT support.

Coroner Case Manager is a turnkey solution offered at a fixed annual subscription fee based on the average number of cases per year. Coroners enjoy an unlimited number of user accounts, giving small to large-sized agencies all the benefits of a high-end coroner case management system without the high cost.

Our coroner case management system is written in a programming language that is native to the Internet. This means that hang-ups, slow processing, and data loss are eliminated because we're not banging a round peg into a square hole. So-called "high-end" web based coroner case management systems often are written in programming languages that are not compatible with the Internet. They have to use a "framework" to force their software to work online.

The bottom line is that our coroner case management system is great software that you can access anytime, anywhere, and from any device you can connect to the Internet from. The modest cost makes it affordable to even the smallest of agencies. We answer the phone and respond to emails. We're also agreeable to adding new features. In fact, we've added MANY new features that our coroner clients have asked for.

When you're ready to give us a try, simply sign up for a new account, and see how you like it for a month - at no cost. You may look back to this moment and see signing up was a great decision.

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